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Ok...I find a great lack of information regarding deception - most likely because people stopped playing it for the longest time.

I am having a difficult time trying to stack a lot of power, as i do on my marauder - without having less then 100/110 accuracy and around 31 percent crit.
The issue is, we have no talent to increase crit / willpower or accuracy like every other class.

Since 2 of our main attacks are white damage and the other two are force - using a low accuracy seems like a bold choice. Don't want maul missing on boss fights.

I have found that, in trying to get 1000 or more force damage with a surge of 75 or more - i have to loose accuracy and crit...teh hell to do?
I dont think its that big of a deal if your Maul misses, because your Exploit Weakness proc will remain active so you only lose a global. As far as some of the Assassins that I have talked to that can get more dps from Deception than Madness all say that increasing crit is the key. Not exactly sure what to shoot for but I would start dropping some Power for Willpower and dropping Accuracy for more crit. Just dont get too crazy. Im sure that a 1% loss of Accuracy is more than made up for by 1% of crit.