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Well, what disturbs me most are the constant thread closures and redirects to this thread with admonishments to post here. Posting here has gotten us jack all, so far. Why should we feel that it is at all effective? What good is it to say "we do read that thread frequently" when nothing has ever, in over ten months, come of it?

In the email exchange which resulted in the only Staff reply this thread has seen to date (which was apologetically noninformative), Joveth explained the redirects thus:
Quote: Originally Posted by Joveth Gonzalez, private email, 9-7-12
We know that same gender romance arcs are an important topic for folks, so we try to direct all conversations about it to one thread in order for us to be able to keep an eye on it and moderate it as needed using our limited resources. We know that SGRA can be a sensitive topic, so we make sure to action any community members that violate our forum policies via hate speech and the like. Keep in mind that we consolidate and redirect ANY threads that are redundant or talk about the same topic, as it is a forum-wide policy of ours.
Well, the first part of this is as I had inferred, but it was also the first occasion on which anyone had ever bothered to explain the reason for the redirects. What we had been told previously is what is said following, that closing redundant threads "is a forum-wide policy".

That last bit is, in a word, bullsh*t. Oh, it may be policy, but it is policy selectively enforced. Go up to the search window and enter "Hood Toggle", or "Chat Bubbles" or "Paid Transfers" all features promised vaguely as content to come some day. How many threads are there? How many are locked?

To be fair, let us consider the point Joveth raises regarding "limited resources" - i.e. only so many available moderators, with only so much time to devote to the task.

Which would make more work? Keeping up with hostile posts over multiple threads addressing same-gender content, or closing and redirecting each and every redundant thread on any topic whatsoever? I would personally suppose the latter. The former case would in time become self-correcting as those most prone to post hateful remarks are infracted for their recurring offenses to the point that their posting privileges are revoked.

The Community Team seems to have chosen neither. What we see in practice is a compromise intended to make best use of an inadequate staff: application of a nominally universal closure policy of redundant threads to this topic especially (if anyone knows of any other topic policed in the same thorough fashion, I'd love to hear what it is) with redirects to a single thread in a marginal subforum to assure decreased traffic and thus, presumably, fewer disruptive posts.

I am rambling here, and in immanent danger of bringing up names like Kant and Kierkegaard, so I'll leave it at that for others to reflect upon at their leisure and to offer a more charitable interpretation of our situation if they can.