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I've never seen this happen. Kiting him is the most effective way to avoid damage in my experience. This is not and will never be a static fight where people take a position and remain in it. (Our guild is heavy on the RDPS though, which does help.)
Running between his legs is the opposite of kiting. His current target cannot move towards his legs to avoid his swipe, you either just get a little closer or force him to spin around. This is bad.

But if we're talking about a kiting strategy now, I'm not advocating static positioning for 7/8ths of the group. It's about leveraging Bonethrasher's current target by keeping his swipe in a predictable spot.

A kiting system sounds ok for full rdps groups but if someone is kiting him that means he's moving all the time which means so is the mdps which isn't optimal. The "stop and take it" system burns him faster, it's easy to execute, and just as safe.
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