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10.24.2012 , 09:27 PM | #2523
One of the worst parts of all this is that EA/BW seems to have slowly begun to fall into the trend of milking IPs and disregarding customers. Square-Enix, ATVI and other AAA companies act more interested in the bottom line. Instead of the source of their bottom line: players like us.

Like you Uluain, I'm also a Libra. On the one hand, I know this is a good game company and if nothing else, would make themselves look really bad by not putting this in. I maintain a fragile faith in the company that this isn't the case. Shoot, I plan on buying the Baldur's Gate update when it comes out.

On the other hand, the silence has gotten almost disturbing. I know we aren't the only part of the player base that feels ignored. Yet, with SGRs such a touchy subject for many people and by keeping mum on the subject, it sends the inadvertent message that the RP and the LGBT community don't matter.