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That's encouraging. I'm trying to decide if I should transfer to Ebon Hawk of POT5...if we get transfers at all. It would be awesome if the RP-PVP community from Jung Ma jump started PVP on Ebon Hawk.

I support these kinds of events.
We do have a very vibrant community, lots of pvpers, pvers, plenty of rp going on mosly in cantenas, our average wait time for pvp pops are about 2 to 6 min and the pve fp pops are prolly normal as with any other server.

but I digress.

We have pretty much decided to make our own content with regaurds to world pvp atleast. some of the ideas are to choos a world boss and fight it as well as eachother to so who wins, death matches to take faction bases, ect.

In this case on Oct 28th its illium.
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