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I like to think of my Sith Warrior as an "Alright sort". He delights in carnage of the battlefield like the best of them sure, but he's also a scholar and academic, and a lover of baked confections. In fact, our Guild Leader has learned the best way to receive his obedience is to bribe him in cookies and cake.

As for [censored]hole Sith...I had one who outright jumped in IC, declaring that character level insinuated that he was more powerful than me, and not adhereing to him kicking my butt would be Bad RP...

I actually came onto the Fleet once, and he was surrounded by people giving him a firm talking to about his behavior. I laughed.
"Never touch a Kel Dor's sammich."
"We're on a message board together. I'm already inclined to think you're a schmuck."