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Oh, I can tell their hands are tied - and it is Joveth, Grand High Poobah of Community Stuff himself, who has spoken of having to get material approved for release. Generally, I believe they would like to tell us. I am usually less ornery and bitter unless like today they do something so completely thoughtless that it ticks me off.
I hear you. When I made one of my rants the other day, I was extremely bitter over the articles. Gah, it still can get my blood boiling. I'm glad we wrote them and got it changed, but why in Hades did we have to?? Why didn't EA go back and clarify?

Yep, I'm still insulted by it.

If they know this is a matter players feel strongly about, and if they really are concerned about it, they could have forseen that pushing companion romance as a feature in their daily blurb was at least potentially divisive. And I am not the only person who responded in such a fashion on Facebook. I loathe Twitter and all its work, and only made an account because it was offered as an avenue of community information, and have not combed through the #DailySWTOR replies for today to see how many others said something similar.
Here here! I hate Twitter as well. That's why my sig was, "The Devs finally did it. They drove me to Tweet. " Sometimes the phrase, "Sound and Fury equally nothing" comes to mind in Twitter. Everyone has so much to say, and yet rarely seems to say anything at all. Not a huge fan of FB, but it did give me a chance to meet my long lost 1/2 sister, as well as other family. The fact that they didn't even consider the feelings of the LGBT fanbase when they posted that questions burnt my biscuits.

Look EA/BW, if you're going to drop SGRs, just do it already and save us the trouble. If not, at least acknowledge the fact we are here, and stop putting us in the closet.


edit: got rid of a sentence that made no sense. Yes, I preview these things. And yes, I rather suck at it.