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10.24.2012 , 06:23 PM | #2509
Oh, I can tell their hands are tied - and it is Joveth, Grand High Poobah of Community Stuff himself, who has spoken of having to get material approved for release. Generally, I believe they would like to tell us. I am usually less ornery and bitter unless like today they do something so completely thoughtless that it ticks me off.

If they know this is a matter players feel strongly about, and if they really are concerned about it, they could have forseen that pushing companion romance as a feature in their daily blurb was at least potentially divisive. And I am not the only person who responded in such a fashion on Facebook. I loathe Twitter and all its work, and only made an account because it was offered as an avenue of community information, and have not combed through the #DailySWTOR replies for today to see how many others said something similar.