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If the mods aren't escalating our questions to the review board or Secret Masters or Grand Inquisitor or whoever makes the call as often as we ask, then they aren't doing all they can. At every meeting, I want to know they are saying "and here are the questions from the SGR thread that haven't been answered." If a decision has been made not to release info until Date X, I want to know that decision is being appealed. This is appalling and unconscionable.

It was already appalling and unconscionable to implement opposite-gender romance while leaving same-gender romance to languish until some future date.
How do we know that they don't? They very well could have and still get told, "Sorry, this is all you are allowed to tell the players." Plus, I'm not sure how many people would believe it is brought up at meetings at all, even if the moderators came flat out and said it. However, this amount of copy and pasta makes me wonder if some of the people that left BW/EA have due to things like this. Especially in the case of Daniel Erickson, who was the most outspoken for equal gamer rights.

In any case, they need to show us some signs one way or the other. It's insulting in many many ways. I'm with you there.

About all we can thank the Community Support team for at this stage is keeping this thread troll-free, and permitting the occasional same-gender concerns thread with a different focus (confirming the rumors re: Makeb, same-gender [Flirt] prompts) to remain open (on Suggestion Box and General Discussion, respectively) although neither of those has received any sort of Community Team feedback either.
Again, I think many of the community team with the possible exceptions of Ms. Berryman and Mr. Gonzales, have had their hands severely tied. I'm not disagreeing with you at all, just trying to see the different angles. It doesn't make it right or good one way or another.

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