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Hey everyone, sorry to bother u guys but I have a quick small question concerning the Trooper story/whatever about the beginning of Act II.

As you know, when you are promoted to Captain you choose an Exectuive Officer as your second-in-command. And although I really, really, really, REALLY wish I'd just promote Elara, I think Jorgan truly does deserve the promotion to Lieutenant, his ORIGINAL rank. ANYWAYS, I'm probably going to promote Jorgan because it is rightfully his, but here's the question:

If I promote Jorgan over Elara, does it hurt/remove any chance of romancing Elara?
In other words, does my decision affect what Jorgan/Elara think of me? Because in the unlikely chance that I can't successfully romance Elara if I promote Jorgan, I'll promote her instead. Just curious, wow I just realized how long this 'quick question' is and sorry you had to read all this haha. Leave your answer down below, any and all answers are appreciated.