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10.24.2012 , 02:44 PM | #2
The Remnants of Hope will be there to assist our fellow Republic comrades in an effort to take back the Crescent Canyon Bridge from the ruthless Imperials.

May the force be with us all. For the Republic!!

OOC: I am sure I speak for everyone within the Remnants of Hope when I say we are happy to see Esoteric Order take initiative in planning this Open World PVP Event! We have been waiting for another one of these to start for sometime now. We were present way back when TOR-Talk hosted the first ever organized Open World PVP event here on Jung-Ma which involved killing selected VIP targets, which resulted in a huge success (Depending on who you ask). Again, many thanks, and we look forward to participating in this event, and hopefully more to come!

Jung-Ma FTW!