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For the last bit, is there a raid wide aoe? I dunno I never paid attention, too busy handling taunts.

If there is, obviously you cant stop all the damage, but from a tank PoV you need to be taking advantage of the taunt and aoe taunt. From waht I've seen, taunt says it will last 6 seconds, however it's not an aggro drop that's happening but a random aggro phase, similar to say Bonethrasher but happening a lot quicker! i.e I think a taunt is being applied on a random member every few seconds.

For example:

0 sec: Tank 1 uses Taunt
4 sec: Tank 2 uses Taunt
8 sec: Tank 1 uses AOE Taunt
12 sec: Tank 2 uses AOE Taunt
16 sec: Tank 1 uses Taunt
20 sec: Tank 2 uses Taunt

After which point, if he aint dead you'll start dying soon. You could space the taunts out more to try and make them last longer, but it should be enough to burn the remaining 12% hp.
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