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<Esoteric Order> is happy to announce its first Server-Wide PvP event! We invite ALL Guilds and Players to join us on Hoth on the 5th of November to battle over a Ridge near the Starship grave yard! <Esoteric Order> will be there to cause havoc for the Republic, and we hope that our Imperial brothers and sisters will join us! We also hope that the Republic will come out in force and try to stop us!

Event: Hoth World PvP
Type: Out Of Character (OOC), RPvP(For those who wish to do so.)
Date: November 5th 2012
Time: 8PM EST

The Starship Graveyard
This location is a small hill near a Millenium Falcon looking wreck sticking out of the snow west of the Vehement Sword Wreckage, roughly equal distance from Outpost Zerek (Republic) and Frostwake Outpost (Imperial).
The Respawn points are roughly 1 minute 30 seconds to the Ridge location.

Coordinates: X 1692, Y -19

Imperial Objectives: Imperials will be holding the Ridge. They will stop the Republic Advance at all costs.

Republic Objectives: The Republic will try to "wipe" the group/ops off the Ridge and hold it. Basically it is King of the Hill style.

Death Rules: When you die, you will either wait for a Battle Rez, Wait for the battle to end (Your side wins, you rez there) your side loses:, Rez at the Medical Station. If you Rez at the Medical Station you need to wait for the MAJORITY of your Ops group to rez there and group up with them for another push. I'll leave it to Guilds to police their own, I certainly will be ensuring Imperials adhere to the rules.

NO COMPANIONS PLEASE. Again, these are loose rules, I expect each guild to police its own.

Event will last until the last two PvPers get bored and leave. There really won't be any real "winner" this is all about fun and having some good old fashioned world PvP.
Selique Lasra [Jung Ma RPvP]
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