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To the first question, this is a commonly reported problem with the phase 2 of the fight (both SM and HM). I don't have any confirmation on this or not but I speculate the reason you occasionally die during platform movement is due to the way you enter the portal. If you jump into the portal or come off the platform not perpendicular it seems to raise the chance of this happening. My thought is that if you jump you "fall" a bit from your entry coordinate and you land in the other platform; same thing with coming off the edge not perpendicular. By landing in the platform the game recognizes that your character is "stuck" and automatically tries to "unstuck" your character, which since you are in combat, kills you. Again, speculation, but the theory seems to be consistent with the times I've experienced this problem.

For the second question, I've read that your tanks should be spamming their taunts in this phase. But since the terror continues to drop aggro you have to roll them in order to catch most of the damage on the tanks. I'm not a tank, and I've not done the terror on HM, so this is simply hear-say so take it with a grain of salt.
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