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In summary, if you decide to go F2P from a SUB, your account will be changed to "Preferred Status" and you will choose which of ANY OF your characters will remain active with NO RESTRICTIONS ON CLASS. The only restriction being the number of active character slots. Meaning you can still choose to play your Chiss character if it's one of your favourites.
Well this is the first time that I read about the "Preferred Status", they don't even mention it in the sub vs free features page! I also remember to have read that FAQ (What happens if I decide to change from being a subscription player to a Free-to-Play member?) some time ago and I'm pretty sure it was different from now Well, this is a good news for me. I'm more focused on PVE so when I won't have much time to play SWTOR I just can select some of my characters, buy the crew skill slots and play 'till I'll have more time to justify the subscription!