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10.24.2012 , 01:22 PM | #120
I wanted to say a few things.

This is genuinely the most excited I have been about this title since long before launch. There were two ways they could have gone with F2P IMO...either draconian limitations for F2P players only with nothing for subs or what they have now.

Though I would like to see more in the shop, overall I think it is a fantastic setup, offers many tantalizing items including items that will REALLY reduce some of the frustration factors in the game currently and really adds value overall to the title.

This is the first time IN A LONG TIME that I am strongly considering staying subbed. For me, at least, this is remarkable considering how harsh of a critic I have been of this game...but also proves, in my eyes, if they do things right I am ready to support them all the way.

i want this title to succeed. That is why I am such a brutal critic. It is my hope this brings in the kind of profits needed to improve the title overall. The addition of this F2P system as implemented is already a huge improvement IMO.

Good job Bioware. You just moved up from a C- to a B-...and I never thought I would give this title a B or higher.