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Hi just wondering if the enemys in any OP have been made harder with the last few patches. I was part of a team the tryed the Eternity Vault and Karraga's Palece (Both on Hard Mode) And it seemed like enemys in there were more powerful then then i remember them to. As the healer i seem to be drawing to much aggro to myself its annoying. We tryed charging the front gate of the Eternity Vault (that was a big mistake) we were getting 1 shotted.
same thing happened at Karraga's Palace we got 1 shotted at the first boss there too. Before i get any smart mouth comment. Yes We were ALL geared for HM OP's. Is there a patch in the works to provent this from happening so often?
EV on the turrets and adds before Annihilation Droid XRR-3 it is really common for the healers to draw aggro there. Although the aggro you draw there should not be a one-shot unless some how you drew aggro from one of the turrets. I usually follow the tank in and then go into the middle where the add are. I hold off throwing out any big heals until I am sure the tanks have the turrets. In a normal group I will stand there with my defensive cooldown pooped while a gunslinger or a commando AOE the adds while a semi-tank them. If I am in a pug I will throw down both of my Defensive cooldowns and put flyby down right on top of myself (since I am not sure the dps will protect the healer or not). Unless someone is attacking these adds they will attack the healers. It is not the Tanks fault either since they are dealing with the turrets that could potentially one shot dps or the healers. This tactic has worked for me on all levels EV.

I do know before I was really geared that getting shot by all the adds at once can seem like a one shot, so Iím always ready to use my defensive cooldown at the start of the fight. I will also say the better geared healer will be the first to be targeted. First few times doing EV I hardly ever got touched, but the other healer always died. I thought I was the great because I stayed on my feet, until the first time I went and I was the overgeared healer.