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Searched the thread with the integrated button below, so excuse me if this has already been asked.

One thing that bothers me about the video announcement is this (01:07):
"As a free-to-play player you will have three speices to choose from: Human, Zabrak and Cyborg."
Does this mean that players going from the subscribed to free-option will not be able to PLAY with characters that are not human/cyborg/zabrak, even if they were created during subscription, and before the launch of free-to-play? This is something I need to know, having a chiss, cyborg and human character (it would make it easier for me to plan when to pay then).
Yes, I heard him say it concerned character creation... But I need this clarified. It is likely I'll be switching between being a payment-free and no-limits player.
It has been asked many times and answered many times.

It is also answered in the F2P FAQs found here:
A link to the specific page concerning changing from SUB to F2P here:
A link to the specific page concerning what happens to your existing characters here:

In summary, if you decide to go F2P from a SUB, your account will be changed to "Preferred Status" and you will choose which of ANY OF your characters will remain active with NO RESTRICTIONS ON CLASS. The only restriction being the number of active character slots. Meaning you can still choose to play your Chiss character if it's one of your favourites.

When you are playing said character, they will be subject to the limitations of a preferred account... meaning you will still have Cargo Hold access, Sprint at lvl 1, and higher login priority, but you will need to choose which of your crew skills remain active, will not be able to participate in Ops unless you buy a weekly pass and WZs will be limited to 3 per week unless you purchase a weekly pass.

Many of the restricted features can be unlocked with Cartel Coins that you have accumulated during your paid sub period.

An updated summary on the comparison of Sub and F2P features can be found here: (rollover the little "?" to see more details of what limited and full access entail)

Hope this post clears up some things.