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Here's my history with the game. Just looking for a fresh new guild to kill Terror with. Repub or Imp doesnt matter.

Gear: I have a full campaign aug Commando (DG mainhand/offhand) and Merc. I also have a Marauder, Gunslinger, and Guardian in over 8/12 campaign aug and a Sorcerer in some rakata/bh.
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Guardian (Tank)-

Experience: I have experience in 16man TFB HM from Severity Gaming (Repub) and Origin of Sin (Empire). I have been in countless guilds over all the server merges trying to find my fit with balancing my imp/repub toons. I started with Memories of Xendor (MOX) and left cause I wasnt raiding. I have left a lot of guilds who have promised me 16man and not ran 16man Messores Republicae, Ebonlore. Severity gaming my last main guild kicked me taking 100 mando iron+ 2 skill barrel 27s without compensation + wasnt satisfied with my performance in 16man HM TFB and then our 8man TFB alt run. I've cleared all the HM content and can do so in an efficient manner.

All I'd ask from a guild considering me is run me once through TFB HM and see how I do, I know the mechanics and won't disappoint.

Availability: 9pm CST+ anyday.

Contact: email or text (858) 866-6019
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