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False!! Otherwise you would be able to supply an accounting, and you have failed to do so, despite my request. Instead, YOUR colleague treated her like she was trying to defraud the game of credits. Or that she was an idiot. The conversation drifted back and forth. The monies were not collected by my guildie, however. In the only dispute she has filed since launch, you materially failed to resolve the issue.

But, you know what? It's way past the point where it matters. Your inability to resolve the issue to the CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION has become legendary. You still have DAILIES bugged, so the loss of a 100K credits or so is trivial. Not to mention that, the way you guys are shedding players, it will cease to matter entirely, very soon.
give sutii a break ... as the guy said when it was looked into the details said that the credits was collected... it is your guild player vs CS ... i vote CS, they make mistakes but players make more human errors ..... issue is resolved get your guild'y to come here and back you up with proof that she is still owed "money" .... not up to CS to stop players going from the game, that is the devs job as they meant to fix things
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