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Yes, yes - nice long rant in support of social contract. And thanks for the insults too.

Your "social contract" system:
Player X runs 10 ops and gets nothing because nothing dropped that he was "allowed" to roll on.
Player Y runs 5 ops and is fully geared because everything dropped and only he was "allowed" to need on it.

My "random generator" system:
Player X runs 10 ops and gets at least some items he can trade/sell or use for his companions
Player Y gets the same chances as Player X.

Your system awards the lucky.
My system awards those who are persistent and work hard.

My system is equal AND fair, your's belongs in kindergarten.
I disagree because you are not allowing that both X and Y can be the same person. My smuggler was fully Rakata geared after running 1 HMFP, SM EV , SM KP, HM EV and HF KP. My Shadow skipped columi, but still took until I was doing SM EC and NIM KP before I got her geared to about the same level. Is one fair or unfair? No, it is the luck of the draw and what falls, but if you continue to go on raids with a pretty regular group and are not a jerk about needing gear, you will get the gear even if you end up with an almost entirely Jedi Consular group doing NIM KP just so you will have a chance at the mainhand. As to my smuggler I have gone on many, many SM and HM ops with her since getting geared for no other reason than to get others geared. She is BIS campaign level and she will still do SM EV if it will get someone else gear. Which does mean people will pass to allow me to get two offhands in a row in HM EC so I have skill barrels without me ever asking them to.

I can't see people doing stuff like that with your system.