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10.24.2012 , 11:26 AM | #12
Just an update on this.

We're on for Saturday. Noon PT/3 ET.

This will be primarily and City Raid against (4) level 50 champion droids and (4) level 50 turrets culminating in the capture of a major Imperial quest giver and the sacking of an Imperial base.

Half an hour before hand I'll put out a message asking for PUGs on the fleet, Black Hole, and Ilum.

If any other individuals or guilds are interested you can contact my alts in game: Mat-lar, Myk-jon, Blayn, or Drein-flois

Right now we have:
6 confirmed from MLP Friendship is Magic
4 confirmed from 3rd Echelon
4 from Top Gun
Shock and Jawa (exacut # unknown)
9 from my guild, Delusions of Grandeur

This activity has no quantity restriction, so the more the merrier!