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Hello again Borgbunny,

I've looked further into the issue you reported, here and in other threads, concerning the problem your Guild friend encountered with the GTN. According to the information I have available, your friend was informed at the end of September that the credits were successfully obtained by their character. The confusion was caused due to an issue with the GTN mailing system, however no credits were actually lost as all were successfully collected by the appropriate characters.

Multiple in-depth investigations were carried out in that case and the above described behaviour was indeed confirmed.

Regarding the response received when submitting a Bug Report, please be advised that tickets filed under this category do not come to the Customer Service Team, it is for this very reason that we advise, as does the response to the report itself, to submit using a different category if you do require direct assistance and support from one of our Customer Service Representatives.

I hope this help clarify the situation for you, if you do require anything else, please let us know.

False!! Otherwise you would be able to supply an accounting, and you have failed to do so, despite my request. Instead, YOUR colleague treated her like she was trying to defraud the game of credits. Or that she was an idiot. The conversation drifted back and forth. The monies were not collected by my guildie, however. In the only dispute she has filed since launch, you materially failed to resolve the issue.

But, you know what? It's way past the point where it matters. Your inability to resolve the issue to the CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION has become legendary. You still have DAILIES bugged, so the loss of a 100K credits or so is trivial. Not to mention that, the way you guys are shedding players, it will cease to matter entirely, very soon.