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Yes, yes - nice long rant in support of social contract. And thanks for the insults too.

Your "social contract" system:
Player X runs 10 ops and gets nothing because nothing dropped that he was "allowed" to roll on.
Player Y runs 5 ops and is fully geared because everything dropped and only he was "allowed" to need on it.

My "random generator" system:
Player X runs 10 ops and gets at least some items he can trade/sell or use for his companions
Player Y gets the same chances as Player X.

Your system awards the lucky.
My system awards those who are persistent and work hard.

My system is equal AND fair, your's belongs in kindergarten.
And yet, for some strange reason, my 4 level 50s have had no problems getting gear by ONLY needing when it's a direct main spec upgrade, and greeding/passing on everything else.

Now lets look at this another way. Why would you want to win a Columi token that was not for your class when someone else could use it? And if that Columi MH finally dropped in lost island for your Consular, why should you roll against a Commando who not only can't use it, but doesn't have a companion that can?

And considering you get commendations for the daily and weekly, you still can gear up even if you didn't get that piece you wanted in a drop.

If everyone only needed then all involved would get more credits, sure. But if everyone only needs on class upgrades, they'll get geared faster, because they're not in competition with people that don't actually need it.