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I suspect this isn't a gear thing at all, it's just that the group isn't working well together or taking into full account the mechanics of the fights.

Bonethrasher will fixate on healers. He's scripted so his threat keeps resetting; if you've been healing a lot, sometimes that means you're the new target. There's nothing to be done about that, except pop a defensive cooldown and learn to deal with it; he'll soon fixate on someone else.

I recommend sticking to a mobile playstyle in this fight; run between his legs if he's on you, keep moving to avoid the worst of his attacks, time your big cast and channelled heals to when he's obviously targetting someone else. To be honest, I do find it a lot easier to heal on my scoundrel than my sorcerer because of the scoundrel's instant-cast heals and HOTs.

The fail condition in this fight is not being mobile. All players should be moving more-or-less constantly to avoid knockbacks and being caught in his sweeps or under his smashes. I've DPSed this one with a Marksmanship sniper, possibly the least mobile class and build in the game (along with its gunslinger equivalent of course) and you just have to adapt.

With the two turrets at the beginning of EV, it helps to pick one and have all the DPS burn it down first, with the main tank picking up the adds that spawn and taunting the other turret, and the more robust of your healers (I suggest a scoundrel or operative if you have one, as they can heal on the move and have the best capacity to drop threat) concentrating on keeping that main tank up while the other healer takes care of everyone else. Speed is key; you want to burn these down nice and fast without messing around.

In this fight, the fail condition is if the DPS is not good enough. High burst DPS is essential. Don't worry about energy management, that will be your downfall, just fire up your cooldowns and relics and burn away.
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