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It is objectively equal but NOT FAIR. Not by a long way. Yes, you are entitled to roll for it in the sense you mean it: the game mechanics allow it so you might as well. However, common decency and fairness might just stop you from rolling need on something you have no use for but would represent an upgrade for someone else.

Your proposed system reeks of the "winner takes it all, every man for himself, the strongest rules" mentality. Let's just fight for everything and those who have absolutely no shame about anything should come out on top. You say you want to eliminate loot drama but to me it seems you just want to punish polite and well-behaving players for the sake of those who want everything for themselves and have no regard for others at all.

With your system, loot drama would go like this: everyone rolls need. The Marauder who did not win the lightsaber would ask the Sniper why did he not pass on it? At that point, the Sniper might prove to be a decent chap and just give the utterly useless thing to the Mara - or, going by your warped version of entitlement, would just tell him to eff off. It would create a nice atmosphere, I'm sure. Unless you mean that everyone should know they always roll need on everything - which would mean adhering to an unwritten rule, an implied contract. Something you seem to be desperately against. Of course, after passing a few times, people would learn that only extreme selfishness gives them any chance in your system so they'd probably adapt after a while, turning them from decent guys with a sense of fairness into "I want everything for ME ME ME" loot ninjas.

Your suggestion would make some sense if you simply eliminated the option to pass as well. No need to roll, the random generator will decide everything. Would anyone play that game in 2012? No but that's none of your concern, you're ENTITLED to come up with stupid ideas. The current system is fine, most people are actually FAIR when it comes to using it and it should not be changed for selfish players with entitlement issues like yourself.
Yes, yes - nice long rant in support of social contract. And thanks for the insults too.

Your "social contract" system:
Player X runs 10 ops and gets nothing because nothing dropped that he was "allowed" to roll on.
Player Y runs 5 ops and is fully geared because everything dropped and only he was "allowed" to need on it.

My "random generator" system:
Player X runs 10 ops and gets at least some items he can trade/sell or use for his companions
Player Y gets the same chances as Player X.

Your system awards the lucky.
My system awards those who are persistent and work hard.

My system is equal AND fair, your's belongs in kindergarten.