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The new addition that allows people to trade items actually complements my idea very nicely:
Let's say my sniper wins the roll for a lightsaber and the marauder in my group wants to have it.
Since we now can trade, I can sell the saber to him and we both are rewarded for killing the boss.

I still suggest that we all only use "need" and let the random generator decide for groupfinder teams.
It's as fair as it can be with the current loot system.
No matter how you spin it, that system is selfish. lol. If you get matched with a team of selfish people, all the power to you. Need to your little hearts content. But you're most likely not going to get that perfect match.

Why do you think you're entitled to a reward for every downed boss anyway? If you *REALLY* think you should have one, how about just being happy for someone else getting an upgrade? That should be enough of a reward. It is for me anyway. I even enjoy seeing random PuGs rejoice when they get an upgrade. I put myself in their shoes and remember all the times that I got my own.