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Most of the info taken from the official pre-release biographies (released for characters like Garza, Mako, Tanno Vik and Supreme Chancellor Janarus) which is about as credible a source as you can get with SWTOR lore (though the pages for non-companion characters don't exist anymore, sadly).

When the Great Galactic War began with the resurgent Sith Empire in 3,681 BBY, Garza forged her identity credentials at the age of 15 in order to enlist in the Republic Military. She soon reached the rank of lieutenant and was awarded the command of an entire platoon in the 45th Infantry Division.
During her career, she was awarded a number of commendations, including the Medal of Valor, the Silver Crescent, the Mark of Dedication, and the Chancellor's Service Medal.
Basically, she's more bada** than the whole of Havoc Squad (both the pre- and post-Trooper squads) which is why you need to shut up and follow her orders.