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Its rough, as many of you will find out in the coming days. Many of the Heroics on this planet contain tight packed areas where AoE and CC attracts two waves which is just unbearable. I was with a group of lvl 32s (two levels higher than planet max level and 4 levels higher than the Heroic) and we still could not beat it because of the placement and difficulty of the mobs. This really needs to change, definitely when half of the missions on the planet are Heroics.
The problem are not the missions but your way of doing them. You need to be careful, think before you pull and have a balanced group.
I actually enjoy the tougher missions in SWTOR as you cannot just run in like a headless chicken as in some quests in 'this other game'

Please BW, do not dumb down the quests. Players should learn to master their environment instead.
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