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Sevasht: All right, guys. We're off to Corellia to meet up with Darth Vowrawn and make our final move against Darth Baras.
Pierce: Took us long enough.
Quinn: My lord, there's a contrived reason you and I must board an empty Imperial vessel alone.
Sevasht: I was wondering when you'd get around to that.
Pierce: Milord, that plan sounds idiotic.
Sevasht: You don't know the half of it.
- frame: Sevasht waves. -
Sevasht: Back soon, guys.


- The transponder station. Quinn stands at parade rest, his back to the door, as Sevasht walks in. -
Quinn: My lord. I've figured it out.
- frame: Quinn turning to face Sevasht. -
Quinn: There are laws. Secrets even Darth Baras will never reveal in violation of those laws.
Quinn: But he can use them. I finally understand why he chose me to spy on you.
- frame -
Quinn: ...did I mention I'm Darth Baras's spy?
Sevasht: We all knew.
Quinn: Yes, good.
- frame -
Quinn: Anyway. Your crew all have one thing in common: ignorance of a natural law. A game, if you will.
Quinn: The crew has something else in common. Within that game, we cannot die.
Quinn: And while some mystery dictates many of our movements and actions, you and your will cannot.
- frame -
Quinn: I don't know what 'griefing' is, why Baras thinks my killing you will contribute, or what happens when I do kill you.
Quinn: I don't know what he meant when I caught him saying that only driving you to 'ragequit' can truly destroy you.
Quinn: But I do know you can't stop me.
- frame. Quinn pulls out a detonator. -
Quinn: Today, my lord, you will die.
- Bursting out of frame in all directions: BOOM. -
- frame: A dusty-looking Quinn looks down at Sevasht's scorched form. -
Sevasht: ...
- frame: Sevasht floats up into characteristic player-revival position. -
- frame: Sevasht faces Quinn, standing. -
Quinn: ...ah. That is exactly what I was hoping wouldn't happen.


- The transponder station room. Quinn is a lightly smoking heap on the floor, his uniform half shredded by lightsaber. Sevasht stands over him. -
Quinn: Ouch.
Quinn: On the plus side, I was right about my immortality.
Quinn: So what happens now?
Sevasht: I take you back on the ship and keep you on the crew. Because I really do have no choice.
- frame: Sevasht, about to leave the room, but turning his head back to face Quinn, who is in the process of standing up. -
Quinn: Will you tell the rest of the crew?
- frame: Quinn and Sevasht in the hall.
Sevasht: Everything we saw. Everything you said. It's a secret.
Quinn: And if I talk anyway?
Sevasht: I can't keep you dead, but I can sure as hell make you my enemies' piņata every waking moment from now 'til doomsday.
Quinn: I'll stay quiet, my lord.

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