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FREEDOM!!!!! The Destroyer set in the new Cartel packs has this as an option. It's not legacy bound, but it is a level 31 item, it's got mods, and it binds on equip. The whole set costs 1200 cartel coins, which isn't too bad. I'm only wearing the chest. The gloves are just a set of grooper glovces I had, Republic Officer's pants, Rakghoul even boots and that's about it. The character was transfered to the PTS a LONG time go, so his gear sorta sucks, but at least now he has a hood-down robe. Hoozah!!!!!

And for those who also wonder: 375 coins for a race.
What do you mean "as an option"? Is there in-store a Destroyer - Hood up, and Destroyer - Hood down set? Or is there one set and when you buy it there's a hood-toggle option? if that's the case...are the rest of the Cartel coin gears with hoods like this, and if so, where is the aforementioned hood-toggle option?