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10.23.2012 , 04:19 PM | #36
I am also still getting the stuttering issue (GTX 680 which eats every other game for breakfast ) that started with 1.4. Additionally I now get stuck on loading occasionally (the symbol keeps spinning and spinning but no progress) since the first incremental patch after 1.4.
And, finally, ever since the last two maintenance windows I have noticed issues with cooldowns (or end of CDs) not displaying properly, i.e. where the skill symbol gets stuck in a dark state right before switching to bright for 'active' again. This might have to do with the stuttering actually where the hotbar hiccups and then gets stuck.

If the game goes live like this for the free to play "crowd" then this is going to be the shortest influx of new players of all time since everyone will just be like "*** is this ****?" and hit uninstall as fast they can.