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10.23.2012 , 01:59 PM | #3
Some really really preliminary thoughts on the Cartel Market.

1. I was hoping to buy additional characters slots but alas... I don't see them anywhere.
2. I was really really REALLY hoping to purchase the Legacy unlocks with Cartel Coins. There is an option to use either credits OR Cartel Coins when purchasing expanded inventory. I'd like to at least see this for the legacy stuff.
3. The "packs" are crap. They are a cheap ploy to have people waste actual money to purchase the same crap over and over and over again hoping to get a specific item. Just let me buy what I want to buy.
4. The carbonite animation is absolutely awesome. Please remove the cool down so I can spam it over and over and over again and watch it.
5. Was hoping to much more in the way of convenience items. Like massively reduced (permanent) cooldowns on quick travel and the like.
6. Don't really see any cool looking armor/clothing. Was hoping for something fresh and new.
7. The scaling speeders are brilliant. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Lots of the stuff in here is geared toward getting money from the F2P people. I get that... Some sort of filter would be nice
9. Please reduce the single use cooldown on quick travel to like 1 Cartel Coin.
10. I'm out of Cartel Coins on PTS. Excuse me sir... may I have more please????
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