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I don't get this at all. If they quit and are no longer supporting the game why should they get full access? Currently if you quit you get nothing. Why would they let people come back and play like nothing has changed without paying anything at all? The whole point is to fund further development of the game. As a sub I have zero desire to pay for other players who can't be bothered to support a game they are playing.
ok the concept put out by the Game was that IF you had bought and been a subscriber before F2P launch you had access to your previous characters of only certain classes as I understood it. My suggestion was to allow them access to All of the characters and classes they had Previously already created BUT to only allow them a designated set of active slots or characters a week. So if you say had 12 toons created THEN went F2P you could only access say 4 of those on any given week. Just a basic concept is all to allow those who have previously PAID for the Game, Spent CASh for the Subscription, then for what ever reason went ot the Free to play option so would not lose all of their previously paid for and time consuming work was all.

Hope that clairifies it a bit better.