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10.23.2012 , 12:00 PM | #1
I'm asking this on behalf of our 8-Man HM TfB group. We have managed to down him twice now, but not without some complications on two specific issues...

The first question is about the platform movement. We are having issues across the board with inconsistent results when moving from platform to platform.

The most annoying issue is random death. Someone will walk through a portal to move to another platform, and instantly die. Death log says killed by Kill Player (0 Damage), or something to that effect. We would assume it is because you die if you fall off the pillars, but that doesn't make sense because we have people fall off pillars and NOT die, just get ported back to the home platform with not even any damage taken.

On a somewhat similar note, we also see an abundance of people not "making" it to the next platform. They will either fall short, and end up on the ledges beneath the platform, or not land on anything at all and fall into the void and get ported back to the home platform or die. It seems to be a random occurrence...none of us ever jump through the portals, we all just walk through them; on top of that, we've all noticed that we can be a little off-center of the portal when we walk through it and still make it through just fine, but we've also noticed that we don't make it even when we walk into the portal head-on.

Anyone have any tips for moving effectively through the zone?

The second issue we're having is a Phase 3 issue...

Is there an effective way to handle surviving this phase? I get that it's supposed to be an intense burn phase, but it just seems like whether you survive this fight is completely random. Everyone in the raid seems to get hit, the tanks can't prevent them from rotating through our entire group, and the healers usually end up oom by around 6-8%. Everyone blowing their DCD's gets us to about 5-6%, and then it's just about hoping and praying enough of us survive to get that final that just the design of the fight, or is there a better way to handle the damage taken?