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10.23.2012 , 11:21 AM | #2
The mechanic is suppose to be that if you are the one who gets pounded into the ground and then you take a swipe while you have the debuff from the pound still on you, you will get the 35k hit. And as you probably know the swipe is a very wide arc in front of the boss (about 180 degrees).

That being said I have seen a handful of times since I started doing KP on all difficulty setting that occasionally someone without the debuff will get hit with the swipe for 35k. Haven't figured out any consistency on how or why it happens. Usually we just rez the person, laugh at them and move along.

Edit: If you want to see excessive damage look at the combat logs if a person doesn't clear doom during the 2nd boss fight in TFB. Hits for around 15M damage.