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Merge Jung Ma into another server that is already overcrowded? I hope not, especially when you consider that the low population is about the only complant agaisnt this server, where as I here all sorts of horror stories from people on other severs such about extreme lag, not being able to to complete a mission cuase there are 20 other people doing it too and killing the nessary mobs so one has to wait.

Also RP-PvP is the only pvp server where getting ganked by 50s is a uncommon compliant, and I see far less rude, annoying, incompetent players on Jung-Ma

Instead of Merging Jung-Ma into other servers and ruining our community and increasing overcrowding, They should open voluntairy transfers from all US servers into Jung-Ma. I know several people on other large servers who would jump at the chance to move to a less crowded server.
Agreed, people who want to stay should be able to stay, people who want to leave should be able to leave. Some people are perfectly happy with the community, and it IS a wodnerful community with a FEW exceptions, and they dont mind the low population. Some of us, such as myself, love the community, but cant stand the population and should be allowed to leave. Especially when some of us play well into the wee hours ( I am currently on Nar Shadaa....Im the ONLY one on Nar Shadaa....15 people on fleet)
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