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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 25: In which the author is reminded in no uncertain terms that she hasn't updated in forever

So there, irishfino.


Time period: After Nalenne gets with Andronikos Revel

"So master, I noticed something," said Jaesa. "It seems all your tactical plans lately have involved splitting off with Andronikos."

Everybody in the holo room stopped their post-mission relaxation/decompressing.

"Yes," said Nalenne offhandedly. "It's been working out."

"Even when there's no real reason to split the party at all. What are you doing out there?"

Nalenne looked around shiftily. "Gathering biological samples."

Andronikos choked on something. It took him a little while to cough his way clear again.

"Sith clan denies us both specialized combat assignments and useful biological samples," Broonmark bubbled suspiciously.

"I see, master," said Jaesa. "The reason I ask is you missed a few clasps on your armor. Your highly ornamental garter belt is showing, in addition to a lot of skin where one might expect the side of some panties to be."

Quinn looked up from his datapad. "Wait, what?"

"Um," said Nalenne, twisting to secure her armor at one hip. "So I went out dressed funny this morning. I was saving it to surprise you later, Quinn. Anyway, we got the job done out there, didn't we?"

"Yeah, we did," said Vette. "So that's just great. Uh, how about that Cath Attack's latest album?"

Jaesa shook her head. "The other reason I ask, master, is that one of those armor clasps appears to have caught on Andronikos' belt and remains caught there."

Nalenne looked guiltily at Andronikos. Andronikos smirked.

"I'm really not sure where you're going with this," Nalenne told Jaesa, putting on a very bad innocent face.

"Are we really bothering to deny this?" Andronikos asked Nalenne.

"Yes! Yes, I'm denying things!"

"I thought you were trying out the not-giving-a-**** school of thought."

"No. The sneaky impulse is too ingrained."

"I'm sleeping with her," Andronikos told Jaesa.

"Sneaky!" snapped Nalenne. "You're doing it wrong!"

"Screwing like rabbits, really," reported Andronikos.

"Quit it!"

"Like I care if they know," said Andronikos.

"You're a sneaky thieving piratey sneaking professional ne'er-do-well! You should be helping me in concealing the truth wherever possible!"

"Relax. – I can help you with the relaxing any time you like."

"My lord," Quinn said indignantly, "he has already compromised our effectiveness in the field. I had wondered why the number of narrow escapes and near-disasters was going up."

"And that's what we love about you, Quinn," said Vette. "Your wife's unsatisfied enough to start cheating on you and your first thought is 'Oh, that's why efficiency is down zero point zero three two percent."

"The figure is considerably higher than–" Quinn stopped. "That is, that wasn't my first thought. I wish to register an objection to all this."

"I'd like to register an objection to any further description of the subject," said Vette.

"I'd like to register my approval you finally got around to it," said Pierce. "I mean, really, I hate to think the captain's getting nice things."

Quinn scowled. "I'm still...I am evidently timesharing nice things. Nice things are still involved."

"Yeah, but if you're miserable about it I'm satisfied," beamed Pierce.

"Master, how could you?" said Jaesa. "After all the trouble you went to to save Captain Quinn…"

"I'm getting my money's worth out of him. No problems here."

"Master!" Jaesa's eyes widened even further. "This is why 'work' on separate field assignments crowded out the time we used to take for our Dominion League watchthrough. You're too busy with, with him."

"Yup," said Andronikos.

"You're taking this harder than Quinn is, Jaesa," said Vette.

"Who's surprised? Hm. Not any of us," said Pierce.

Quinn walked over to Nalenne without making a sound. He leaned in and placed a kiss on her forehead, then turned to face the rest of the holo room. He scanned the assembled crew, attempting to figure out the least untrustworthy individual there. He seemed to give 2V serious consideration before shaking his head and turning to Broonmark. "There's no point whatsoever in my asking you to protect her from herself, but do what you can against the other menaces out there."

And with that he walked out.

Andronikos was the first to break the silence. "So. Nalenne. Busy tonight?"

"Uh," said Nalenne.

Andronikos shrugged. "All right."

"I'm surprised he didn't do it earlier," Jaesa said, frowning. "Sometimes you really deserve it, master."

"Don't you start, Jaesa. This is a net good thing. We can watch Dominion League tonight. In my room."

"I got no problem with that," drawled Andronikos.

"…oh," said Jaesa. "That…that's good, then." The transformation of her expression shot straight through angry to nervous to hesitant to glowing. "That's really good."

"That's what I thought," said Nalenne.
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