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10.22.2012 , 04:46 PM | #15
an interesting experience happened just now,

i was 1.5 bars off from level 35, i said hey lets do a fp, i queue up, instant pop, we go in, even before fp starts healer decides to leave "Sorry guys i gotta go" so we do 1/3 of the fp without a healer, even kill 1st boss without one, run is going fairly smooth, after 1st boss 1 dps decides to leave, so we do another 1/3 without a dps though we have a healer now, we're on the last 1/3 of the fp...we finally get a full group, its a 2nd marauder.....hes stupid...he keeps pulling groups...even through i am not, im trying to be cautious and prudent (like waiting for the gold pats to leave) he decides hes the tank and consistantly pulls, i whisper healer to not heal the baddie, no reply, he keeps healing finally we get to the middle boss, the one every one skips by jumping left and over the ledge...the same stupid marauder decides he wants to do the boss, he decides on everyones behalf 'LETS DO THIS BOSS'

and instantly jumps in, before my input or anyone elses can be taken, by this point im fairly i let them do what they want...while i stand this boss is fairly hard hitting...and does a decent bit of aoe dmg....the group looks like its gonna fall apart, its gonna be a wipe,....but we have a very skilled healer, he pulls through and everyone survives....the annoyed dps decides to kick me and theres a tally going around....i wait for them to pull the next pull...and i leave the group, because by now i had essentially gotten what i was there for in the first place ( my 1.5 bars of xp) i had levelled during the run...
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