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Tell your tanks it's a bad idea to tank on the top platforms. They can jump up to those 2 platforms to drop the spit pools (that's what we do) but you don't want to be up there for more than a hit or two. If they're on the bottom platforms they'll take melee hits which they can avoid/shield over 70% of the time. If they're on the top platforms they take force hits which they cannot avoid.

As far as the threat issue, it's simply a matter of the tanks executing taunt rotations properly. You're not doing anything wrong as a healer. You should be able to spam heals as soon as the first taunt goes out and never stop. If you pull agro they didn't do their taunt rotations properly. It should work something like this:

Tank #1 taunts: 6 seconds
Tank #1 AoE taunts: 12 seconds
Tank #2 taunts: 18 seconds
Tank #2 AoE taunts: 24 seconds
Tank #1 taunts: 30 seconds

At this point Tank #1 should be fine to hold the boss for spit/scream. You can help out as a healer by using your threat dump during that 30 seconds but it shouldn't be necessary. Your heals during those first 30 seconds are helping to build threat FOR the tanks every time they taunt.

Hopefully that helps out a little. That 75% damage reduction is killer on threat for the tanks so the key is using their taunts and any high threat abilities.
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