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10.22.2012 , 02:59 PM | #6
Merge Jung Ma into another server that is already overcrowded? I hope not, especially when you consider that the low population is about the only complant agaisnt this server, where as I here all sorts of horror stories from people on other severs such about extreme lag, not being able to to complete a mission cuase there are 20 other people doing it too and killing the nessary mobs so one has to wait.

Also RP-PvP is the only pvp server where getting ganked by 50s is a uncommon compliant, and I see far less rude, annoying, incompetent players on Jung-Ma

Instead of Merging Jung-Ma into other servers and ruining our community and increasing overcrowding, They should open voluntairy transfers from all US servers into Jung-Ma. I know several people on other large servers who would jump at the chance to move to a less crowded server.

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