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10.22.2012 , 01:27 PM | #2
1. I solo'd Red Reaper once with my gaurdian tank in mostly columi with a few BH pieces. I actually got the idea to try it from a video on YouTube of a 50 sentinel soloing it. Really, its not that hard.

2. At lvl 50 you can get daily commendations for queuing for random SM flashpoints via group finder. Red reaper is included and you have to have it selected to get the comms. It shouldn't be on there if you ask me, because its a lvl 43-47 fp iirc, but that's BW's doing. Plus, there's also a lvl 50 daily quest for doing sm flashpoints but it doesn't include red reaper - so I know many ppl will random que for sm then leave group and try again if they get red reaper - to kill two birds with one stone and finish the daily and group finder daily with one fp.