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10.22.2012 , 01:01 PM | #110
1) A more enjoyable PvP experience for subs & f2p alike via Solo ranked warzones, utilizing a ranking system akin to a fantasy football point system. I think such a system would be necessary, as someone who may do little damage / healing / whatever, may be one of that WZ's better players, and should be rewarded for it. Further I think a "ladder bracket" style ranking system would keep players lucky enough to get in a bunch of great PUGs but otherwise stink from dragging down gamers playing at a consistent level.

And IMO, ranking shouldn't be based on Level or Valor rank. Time in game DOES NOT always equal better players! How many times has this happened to you: a) You get the huttball, start receiving focus fire, and see NOBODY to pass to (only to notice a swarm of teammates going for kills in your team's pit on res)? b) You're alone guarding a turret in Denova, because your teammates are busy chasing an opponent down the hill, you get destroyed by the 2-3 stealthers who snuck by them, and lose the node? c) You call out inc's on the Voidstar door your're guarding well in advance of your death, but nobody shows up (and no, they're not all stuck in the res area)?

A system that recognizes players for doing the little, non-glamorous work that results in better team play would result in consistently enjoyable PUGs & more importantly, give players impetus to improve & hence invest more time in the game.

2) In-game voice comms for ops / raid / WZ groups, free to all sub'd players & available a la carte for f2p'ers. I don't think it makes sense to have it available for general chat, both b/c of trolls & of the ridiculous bandwidth it'd hog. And ever since the consolidation, it's not like there aren't a few extra servers / available bandwidth to make this happen.

As a side note, a handy comm function available for subs & f2p alike would be a text macro for calling out inc's. Not only would that help with communication speed, but it'd be a solid metric for the above mentioned solo-ranked warzones (ie: [Time of death] - [Time inc call macro activation] = A*[ranking points], where A is some weighting coefficient). Might be nice to have the call-out tied to an voice-over comment ... eh, it's a thought.

3) Unlimited PvP for subs & f2p'ers. No brainer. If solo ranked WZ's happen then both guilded & solo players have a sort of end-game content. I'll be frank, when I was on a low-pop server I only PvP'd a few times a week, and didn't enjoy it. Since the merger, it's added an additional level of enjoyment for me. Giving f2p'ers 3 games a week won't be a good experience, and won't attract them to / keep them in the game.

4) Subs getting an extra skill tree points, capped at I dunno ... 5 (random #, not based on anything). I think subs need something tangible & exclusive that rewards them for their monetary investment, and it shouldn't be something piddly like access to a vendor for stuff most of which they won't want. For showing the extra love to BW, subs should get exclusive access to something that will have high appeal to all of them & is unavailable to f2p'ers. If implemented with the solo ranked WZ's, the extra points will be a wash secondary to how the gamer utilizes them anyway. BUT, subs will have a more enjoyable experience regardless of skill level & feel like BW is looking out for them at the same time.

5) I don't just love, I lurve Avalean's above idea for having 2 saved skill trees that can be switched without having to pay for a respec. In guild ops I like to tank, but in PvP I go with a DPS build. To 1) not have to travel to fleet to switch specs and b) being able to switch for free / a static, reasonable cost would be wonderful. I'm fine with changing the distribution within one of the skill trees being fair game for the current system though.

Just my $0.02.