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Its a legit strategy but only in 3 cases:

1) Time: You need to cap the base before you lose, and don't have time to kill everyone

2) Time: You need to cap a node before the other 5 enemies get there to reinforce it

3) You are unable to kill everyone due to numbers / skill / gear. In this case, you try to cap as a last resort

So in those 3 emergency cases its worth a shot. But it very easily stopped by 1 person with an AoE. However, if no one notices, its a huge payoff sometimes.

And as a defense to this tactic:
If my team fully controls the base and you start to cap it, little by little - the entire time, the base still belongs to me and points tick from you as if I fully controlled it - even though its half yours. It counts as whoever fully controlled it last. This gives the defending team a buffer where they can focus on killing people and don't need to stop the cap right away, if its only 1 or 2 people capping.

Sometimes I'll let someone partially cap just so I can finish their friend off, and then go back for them. If they don't cap the base completely, it doesn't hurt you at all.
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