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10.22.2012 , 12:40 PM | #1
Hello, I just had a quick question maybe some of you guys could help me with. We keep noticing that during Phase 2 of TFB even after holding for about 15-20 seconds, the healers pull all aggro from the boss and get hit with his spit. So, this week I ran with the threat meter up and noticed that just from a single innervate followed by a resurgence I had top threat just for an instant, but it was long enough to wipe me.

TFB Phase 2 starts at 1:52:14, 2:05:20, 2:26:25 , 2:52:38 Phase 2 run at 2:05:20 is the one I am referring to.

16 Man HM TFB Jedi Covenant

Think I didn't wait long enough before I started healing? Every video I saw, healing started up with 8 seconds of entering phase 2.