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Looks good. But as a paying subscriber, why are you giving the F2p people only 3 Warzones per week???????? This shouldn't even be on the table, either unlimited or a high number, I want these people to increase the number of Warzones running on the servers especially in off peek, 3 Warzones is nothing, it's just nothing, what if they get in a Warzone that has 1 minute left. End of story that number most rise or the whole of the Internet will lash out on swtor again.

You just have to increase that number. If you want to give the a taste.
Umm Free to Play doesn't mean give everything away for free. Means you can play for free but if you want anything extra its gonna cost ya. See so many people saying what only 3 WZ matches a week? That isn't going to help that needs to be increased for reasons X, Y, X, AA, BB, CC etc. What I am hearing is "Wahhh I wanted to F2P but all I do is PvP and now I am going to be limited to only 3 matches a week?" You want to PvP pay for more matches or subscribe. All you PvP types have convinced the Production team that the real money in a MMO is from the PvP crowd....that the PvE crowd is a necessarily evil but the real bang for a MMO is PvP. So yea 3 matches a week works out well to motivate the big PvP money train to either sub or buy more matches. Consider the 3 WZ matches a teaser to get you to buy more. If you give 20-30 matches a week as some people are pushing for, then the majority of PvP players (ie the big money as you PvPers claim) will have no reason to subscribe or buy content yet still demand your voices be heard above all others when it comes to changes and class balance.
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