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10.22.2012 , 10:13 AM | #15
This gets at the reason why Novare is my least favorite warzone.

Obviously there has to be a delay for capping, or that would encourage too much spam capping. And there is. The turret doesn't start to shift until maybe 1-1.5 seconds into the channel.

What's frustrating is there is seemingly a delay after you are interrupted before you can try to start channeling again. How long is this delay? Who knows. Then, there is the sometimes unresponsiveness of clicking the button during a big laggy fight, and of course everyone's favorite, the body type 4 standing in front of the console.

I have a strong feeling I would like Novare a lot more if there was an ability to channel the turret (like the huttball Pass Ball ability) you could activate and that also had a cooldown indicator on it.
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