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I've been running Flashpoints through the Group Finder for the past few days. I think I have run maybe 8 or 9 since I have been back. Tanks on Ebon Hawk are in such high demand that I usually end up having at least 1 person per group add me to their friends list per run. I am already at the point that each time I log in I usually get tells from people to tank for them. I am not very well geared (mostly MK-2 Recruit armor) but even after 3 days of running FPs I usually only PUG 1-2 group members beacuse I get direct tells from others that I have run with recently.

I think most tanks end up going about the same way. Once people see a competent tank, they generally want to group with them again. After a few weeks I dont think I will have to PUG at all and will likely have found a guild by then anyhow.
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