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10.22.2012 , 08:58 AM | #107
Quote: Originally Posted by CinderBane View Post
A full-blown trailer to tell us:

1. F2P Players will be able to choose from 3 races
2. F2P Players will be limited to 3 warzones per week
3. There will be a cash-shop - more details to come (same thing you've said since you announced F2P...)

You have got to be kidding me.

How many bugs could you have fixed with the resources you used to develop this completely uninformative trailer?

(You folks seriously need to learn how to prioritize)
I think we can be fairly certain that no actual developer time was spent on this trailer.

People really need to work on separating the development side of this game from PR/Marketing/Community side. The same people do not work in both areas.