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OK, I have FNIALLY gotten through all of the postings and concepts in this thread to date. So my final suggestions are as such.
1) If you PAID for the game originally and have had a continual subscription up until day one of the free to play release, then you should have no restrictions if you stop your subscription on THOSE specific characters and races you have developed. In short, you have access to them but under the limited format which is 4 or 6 ACTIVATED characters at a time. This I think has been covered enough and is the general idea originally to start with.
I don't get this at all. If they quit and are no longer supporting the game why should they get full access? Currently if you quit you get nothing. Why would they let people come back and play like nothing has changed without paying anything at all? The whole point is to fund further development of the game. As a sub I have zero desire to pay for other players who can't be bothered to support a game they are playing.